Ron Heiniger

Ron Heiniger


Crop Science and Cropping Systems Specialist
North Carolina State Unversity


Dr. Ronnie Heiniger is a professor in the Crop Science Department at North Carolina State University. He received his PhD in crop ecology from Kansas State University in 1994.  Dr. Heiniger has worked for the past 19 years as a research and extension specialist at the Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center in Plymouth, NC. His responsibilities include research into precision agriculture and corn-wheat-soybean cropping systems.  Dr. Heiniger is known for his applied research using on-farm comparisons.  He has published articles and presented papers covering his work in precision agriculture and the use of aerial photography to determine nitrogen requirements for corn and wheat.  Recent research has focused on increasing light use in corn through the use of higher plant populations and fungicides and measuring root growth in response to pre-plant fertilization.  Dr. Heiniger has received the Gerold O Mott Award for outstanding research from the American Society of Agronomy and is a member of the Academy of Outstanding Extension Specialists at North Carolina State University.

More information can be found at Dr. Heiniger's Vernon James Center Homepage.

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North Carolina State University
Vernon G. James Research Center
Plymouth, NC 27962
Phone (919) 793-4428
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