Rakhi Singh



Rakhi Singh obtained her Masters in Microbiology and MBA in Biotechnology Management from India. She completed the Graduate Certification Program in Molecular Biotechnology at NCSU in 2007. Subsequently she joined Dr. Carbone’s lab as a Research Technician and Lab Manager in 2008. She was actively involved in the development of the Endobiodiversity.org website, storage and retrieval of project-generated data such as DNA sequences, metagenomic and transcriptome data.

Rakhi made significant technical contributions to this project. In a pilot study for this project she acquired molecular and sequencing data of diversity of A. flavus on corn ear populations from three states (Indiana, North Carolina and Arkansas) to establish the distribution of Aspergillus flavus among different ear sectors to determine if there was any sector or treatment effect on genetic diversity of A. flavus population on corn ears and to inform best sampling strategies. She archived hundreds of filamentious fungal cultures, performing DNA isolations, genotyping, DNA sequencing and data analysis followed by organization and compilation of molecular data. After performing and confirming in silico double digestions on a panel of reference genomes, she helped to develop effective and efficient high-throughput DNA isolation methods followed by double digest Restriction site Associated DNA Sequencing (ddRADSeq) for de novo SNP discovery and genotyping in A. flavus and F. verticillioides.