Drs. Won-Bo Shim and Jimmy Kim at Texas A&M's 3rd Annual ENG-LIFE Workshop

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Project participants Drs. Won Bo Shim and Man “Jimmy” Kim (Department of Plant Pathology, Texas A&M University) presented Theme 3 research activities at the 3rd Annual Texas A&M University ENG-LIFE Workshop: At the Interface of Engineering and Life Sciences on April 29th, 2016.  Approximately 200 faculty, students and staff from very diverse interest groups at Texas A&M – including engineering, health science, veterinary medicine, chemistry and agriculture - participated in the workshop. Topics of discussion included regenerative medicine, bioengineering, high-resolution microscopy, autonomous unmanned vehicles, and computational modeling. 


Dr. Shim gave a talk entitled “Systemic computational network-based analyses to predict functional subnetwork modules in maize - Fusarium interactions”. 


Later in the afternoon, Dr. Kim gave a poster presentation entitled “Systemic network-based computational identification of functional modules associated with pathogenicity and fumonisins in Fusarium verticillioides”, further sharing our computational genetic research approaches with colleagues. Dr. Kim's poster may be viewed here.