2015 American Phytopathological Society Meeting

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The American Phytopathological Society's Annual meeting was held in Pasadena, California August 1-5.  Project Co-Principal Investigators in attendance were Won-Bo Shim, Charles Woloshuk, Kiersten WiseBurt Bluhm, and Greta Schuster.  Several graduate students also attended, and presented their research at the poster sessions. Tyler Mays, an M.S. graduate student at Texas A&M-Kingsville (pictured above with Drs. Shim, Woloshuk and Schuster), presented his research on the efficacy of Afla-Guard and AF36, when applied to corn at V10 and tasseling. 



Chenxing Esther Niu, Ph.D. graduate student from Purdue University, presented her transcriptome analysis of Fusarium verticillioides during colonization of corn kernels.


Jon Smith, Ph.D. graduate student from the University of Arkansas, was at the meeting.  Jon is using RNAi technology, generating transgenic corn which will express interfering RNA against targeted genes that are involved in aflatoxin and fumonisin biosynthesis.